The Godfather Online on Youtube

This 1972 film directed by Francis Ford Coppola remains among the favorite crime films through time. With the magnigicent roles played by Marlon Brandon and Al Pacino, the story of the Corleone family has marveled millions around the world. In the first and most popular movie, the spectator can see Michael Corleone transforming from a family observant of the business of the family, until he becomes the boss.

Such is the admiration for the film, that it even has brought together two great adversaries like Paramount and Youtube. In 2012, YouTube offered Paramount an offer they could not refuse: The GodFather film as part of the of the paid full films in Youtube. They announce the partnership of offering online rental of more than 500 titles from Paramount in which we can find the Godfather and Hugo.

The company and the website has been litigating in court for years for a suit of copyright, but that did not stop them to do business together. In this new business, consumers are allowed to rent films for 24 or 48 hours for 3.99 or 4.99. Among the Paramount films, you can find classics and recent releases as The Godfather online, The Adventures of Tin Tin, Captain America, Coming to America among others.

Love Traction Lines Is It Worth Trying?

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